Current and Past Clients 

Kasey Arnold-Ince has worked with Fortune 100 and high tech firms as well as small start-ups and nonprofits. A partial list of clients:

High Tech brand management

  • Google REWS (Real Estate and Workplace Services) Group
  • Catalyst Innovation Partners, formerly Hot Studio (brand development)--worked on client projects for Google and Nexant
  • Squarebid (services management platform)
  • Q2E (enterprise gamification)
  • Caitin, Inc. (cleantech)
  • The PAX companies—PAX Streamline, PAX Scientific, PAX Water, and PAX Mixer (cleantech)
  • Levin and Company (biotech recruiters)
  • Freedom Scientific (assistive technology

Software technical content strategy

  • Mindjet
  • The Learning Company
  • Mindscape/Mattel
  • Compton's Encyclopedia
  • Computer Curriculum Corporation 

Copywriting and content strategy

  • Squarebid (services management platform)
  • Nice (design studio)
  • Q2E (enterprise gamification)
  • The PAX companies (cleantech)
  • Levin and Company (biotech recruiters)
  • Freedom Scientific (assistive technology)
  • Samsung Semiconductors (computer hardware)
  • Brightware / Edocs (eCommerce)
  • Telcontar / DeCarta (GPS technology)


Small Firms / Sole Proprietors

  • Mary Davidge and Associates
  • Dolores Cordell, attorney
  • Terrance Bennett, Attorney
  • Dharma Marsha
  • The Enneagram Center
  • Janssen & Associates
  • Chef Katrina Morkner


  • Nature of Hope foundation
  • Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit Leadership (CVNL)
  • Safe Routes To School Marin, the SRTS National Partnership
  • The Northern California Cancer Center
  • Breast Cancer Connections
  • Vista Center

Educational / Scientific

  • The Great Place to Work Institute
  • NASA/Ames space facility at Moffett Field
  • The Martin Luther King Papers Project

Kasey also teaches the Urban Fire entrepreneurial skills development course at the Renaissance Center, Marin.