About Kasey Arnold-Ince

Corporate Storyteller

Engaging Audiences
It’s not enough to provide information—you must help your audience appreciate the value of your product, service, or company to them, to create an emotional identification that fosters curiosity, engagement and commitment.  That relationship is 'brand.'  
Smart businesses of all sizes create that relationship by crafting and telling their brand story. 

Kasey Arnold-Ince is a corporate storyteller for whom every product, service, or company is a compelling narrative to be crafted and shared with its target audience. 

  • As a tech writer, she shows users how to quickly and easily get the most out of the product. 
  • For products, she is a brand champion, engaging customers, reps, and the trade press in the product’s story, and why this product—more than any competitor—meets the consumer’s needs. 
  • To increase corporate visibility, she tells the firm’s story to the press and public, positioning the company as a thought leader changing the marketplace. 

An experienced writer and editor with focus on brand strategy and propagation, Kasey helps companies maintain a consistent message throughout a client's materials so they can successfully position themselves or their product. Her clients range from large corporations to small start-ups.

More About Kasey

—A graduate of Stanford University and the American Film Institute.

—Certified trainer for the Enneagram in Business and Associate Member of the Enneagram in Business Network (EIBN).

—Recipient of the 2013 Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year Award from the San Francisco Renaissance Center.

—Teaches at the Marin Renaissance Center in Marin.

—Received awards for writing and videography, including the Award of Excellence in the Society for Technical Communication's International Video Competition.  

—Published the Marin Independent Journal, Exploring (quarterly publication of the Exploratorium Science Museum), Animal Chronicles (published by the Humane Society), the LA Weekly, and various technology and entertainment trade publications.

—Wrote an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation (subsequently produced) for Paramount Pictures Television.

—Trained in voice-over narration.